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Green Theia

3 Pairs Mens Thermal Wool Hiking Socks

$8.27 USD

Men’s Wool Thermal Socks

If you suffer from cold feet and circulation problems then these socks are probably the perfect match for your feet. Our wool thermal boot socks combine two properties that help with blood flow, a loose top with no constriction and thermal properties to keep your legs warm.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have circulatory problems they are still extremely comfortable. These socks also have a full cushioned terry foot giving your feet a protective buffer from the ground below. They are also easy to slide on with minimal compression and maximum stretch.

These socks are available in 4 different colorways and come in a Men’s 6-11 UK size

Extra Product Details

* 3 pair pack
* 4 colour ways to choose between
* Size 6-11 UK
* Ideal to wear in boots
* Full cushioned foot
* 30% Wool 30% Acrylic 30% Polyester 9% Mixed Fibres 1% Elastane
* Keep feet warm and toasty with this 2.1 tog rating
* Machine Washable